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Welcome to Funkysoft and Partner

A few supportive thoughts for your envisaged Internet presentation

we work hand in hand

Why should your company be presented in the Internet?

600 million of potential customers are waiting for your products on the Internet.
If you decide to present your company on the Internet you will be able to offer your customers the following:

Please consider - by joining the Internet you will reach 600 million people for a few Marks per month, i.e. for the price of ONE SINGLE classified advertisement in ONE SINGLE paper.

Our points have been convincing and you would like to join the Internet with your company?

We create a complete WebSite for you.

You don't need to have any knowledge of HTML, Javascript, ActiveX or data bank programming - we give you a complete offer at a fixed price.

The WebSites we have created until today have already satisfied the needs of many of our customers. If you like we will give you references concerning your branch.

Our offer:

Or take part in our Internet Shopping Center. We create complete virtual shopping centers in which the customer picks your products with a trolley and buys them online. Including SSL and Cybercash acceptance. Ideal if you want to sell products on the Internet. You don't need to have any knowledge of HTML. You can review your products online and e.g. add a picture.

All inclusive.
Please call for further information.
Your contact partner: Anna Elisabeth Blank
Phone +49 (0) 5683 - 9313637


Damit auch IHRE Werbung den Zahn der Zeit trifft..
Why should you decide for FUNKYSOFT?

FUNKYSOFT consists of a TEAM of young, high-motivated WEB DESIGNERS who have already won numerous awards. Unix and CGI programmers and marketing professionals as well as hardware specialists complete our young team. We have a strong belief in teamwork in order to enable the best Internet presence possible for our customers. Anyway, we don't have the usual "water head" of a big company "on our backs" as we work decentralized i.e. we are saving unnecessary costs for both us and our customers.

We don't require long-term contracts, if you should be no longer satisfied with our service just cancel it.

Depending on the required service you will receive a printed handbook respectively instructions on how to simply maintain the server via FTP password and user ID.

Our providers offer capacities of which other providers are still dreaming.

Your data will reach the Internet via their fiber optic cable with a speed up to 620 MBit. And while other providers are already gasping for breath we still have a big reserve.

There are many providers, especially in Germany, who are connected to the Internet via only one 2 MBit connection.

If you divide the spread of the provider by the number of customers you know how many Bits remain for your company.

Our provider is equipped with an Internet connection of 2 x 155 MBit. This makes him one of the fastest providers in Germany.

It could hardly be any faster! And your data will certainly not get into a jam!

Damit auch IHRE Werbung den Zahn der Zeit trifft..

Too much information at once?

Please demand our info material (noncommittal) via mail:

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